About the Community Engagement Team

The Community Engagement Team’s goal is to transform community engagement in the Twin Cities region, so that all residents are empowered and equipped to participate in transitway planning that will affect the future of our communities. The Community Engagement Team members were chosen by the Corridors of Opportunity Policy Board because of the unique roles we each play in the Twin Cities region.

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Nexus Community Partners (Nexus)

supports inclusive, place-based community-building initiatives that expand community assets, build social and human capital, and result in more engaged and powerful communities. Nexus considers the engagement of communities of color and immigrant communities essential to equitable community revitalization.


Minnesota Center for Neighborhood Organizing

trains people to work effectively in organizing and staffing neighborhood organizations. We train new organizers and increases the skills of existing neighborhood staff through internships, workshops, and other programs.


Alliance for Metropolitan Stability

is a coalition of grassroots organizations that work together to promote racial, economic and environmental justice in growth and development decisions in the Twin Cities. We believe that all of the people, places and issues of the Twin Cities are interconnected, so we unite diverse groups to cross racial, cultural, geographic and issue boundaries to make the Twin Cities region a place where all people can prosper.


Steering Committee

One of the key goals of the Community Engagement Team is to develop a community-based working group to advise and support the outreach and engagement work within the Corridors of Opportunity initiative. To that end, the CET has developed a steering committee of community leaders that come together to discuss strategies, share experiences and learnings, and advocate for regional reforms to support better community engagement along our regional transitways.

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