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In late 2010, Russ Adams, Margaret Kaplan and Repa Mekha each received a phone call at their offices. On the other end of the line was a staff member from the Metropolitan Council, the Twin Cities’ metropolitan planning organization, asking their organizations to consider taking a leadership role in a new project.

The council was working with other government, philanthropic and large nonprofit partners to develop a Sustainable Communities Initiative application to HUD. The initiative would promote sustainable, vibrant and healthy communities in the Twin Cities region, using major transitway expansion as a development focus. The agency wanted Adams, Kaplan and Mekha to form a Community Engagement Team to help include underrepresented communities in the challenging process of transitway planning.

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POSTED: March 14th, 2013 • Latest News

African Career, Education & Resource, Inc. (ACER) is a volunteer-driven, community-based organization founded in 2008 to decrease the disparities in access to resources, health, and information within Minnesota’s communities of African descent, promoting the achievement of societal and economic independence. ACER is located in Brooklyn Park, a community situated along the proposed Bottineau Light Rail Transitway. In late 2011, it received a Corridors of Opportunity Community Engagement Team grant to implement “Making Transit Meaningful,” a program aimed to connect communities of color through a series of culturally appropriate engagement strategies. The organization partnered with the City of Brooklyn Park to identify and engage these communities with the goal of increasing active involvement in public decision making processes as they relate to the Bottineau Light Rail Transitway.

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