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From the Nexus Community Partners blog:

This fall, PolicyLink will be hosting their 4th Equity Summit in Detroit. Late last spring, members of the Community Engagement Team (Nexus, the Alliance for Metropolitan Stability and Minnesota Center for Neighborhood Organizing) of the Corridors of Opportunity initiative began planning the coordination of a Twin Cities delegation to attend the Summit.

With initial support from the McKnight Foundation, we began….

In late June, we hosted an event with Angela Glover Blackwell, founder and CEO of PolicyLink. About 75 people attended from throughout the region to hear from Angela, generally about regional equity and specifically about the Equity Summit. It was there that we laid out the idea for the delegation and let folks know about scholarships that would be available as well.

As a delegation our theme is Anchoring Equity: Moving From Learning to Practice. Organizing the delegation is more than just about attending conference together, but also about thinking of how we might all collaborate more intentionally to create and move a regional equity agenda in our region.

We began our planning thinking that about 75 folks would want to go. But when the deadline came and went, the demand was more than double that! So we decided as a team, rather than turn folks away, lets get out there and see if we can get more philanthropic support to support a larger delegation.

And we did.

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POSTED: September 6th, 2011 • Latest News

The Twin Cities third light rail transit line, the Southwest LRT, moved one step closer to federal approval last week when the Federal Transportation Administration authorized preliminary engineering on the route.

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