POSTED: August 26th, 2011 • Latest News

The Corridors of Opportunity Community Engagement Team hosted Anchoring Equity to Achieve Sustainable Regional Development Outcomes on June 28, in partnership with the Metropolitan Council and the Northwest Area Foundation.

As the Twin Cities region considers the potential impact of upcoming transitway development in the Twin Cities, our partners organized the forum to pose a series of questions: Do we need to trade economic growth for equity? Can we advance both at the same time? What if pursuing equity – in addition to being the right thing to do ‐‐ is actually the superior economic growth model?

If you missed the event, or just want to watch the amazing speakers again, check out the videos!

Introduction: Repa Mekha, Nexus Community Partners and Robert Jones, University of Minnesota

Inequity and Disparities in the Twin Cities: Prof. Nekima Levy-Pounds, University of St. Thomas

Targeted Universalism: john a. powell, Kirwan Institute

Equity as a Superior Growth Model: Angela Glover Blackwell, PolicyLink

Panel Discussion: Featuring speakers listed above, Hennepin County Commissioner Peter McLaughlin and Gary Cunningham of the Northwest Area Foundation

POSTED: August 19th, 2011 • Latest News

Be a part of the Twin Cities Delegation at Equity Summit 2011!
Join thousands of advocates, organizers, policymakers, elected officials, foundations and others.

The Community Engagement Team is organizing a delegation of Twin Cities leaders who will attend PolicyLink’s Equity Summit 2011. The summit is the fourth national PolicyLink summit, bringing together the nation’s equity movement to advance a truly inclusive policy agenda. Urban, suburban, and rural leaders from around the country will join together to create communities and regions that benefit everyone — particularly low-income people and communities of color. Advocates from nonprofit, public policy, philanthropic, business and academic sectors will share promising practices and policies that create healthier communities and stronger, more sustainable regions. Participants will explore how issues like healthy
food access, transportation choice, housing access, jobs and education are crucial to America’s future competitiveness and prosperity.

More than 150 Twin Cities leaders have signed up to attend the conference as part of the Twin Cities delegation. As a delegation we will benefit from having a learning community to share summit experiences, navigate summit programming options and support networking. We’ll join together before, during and after the summit to put our learning into practice. Join us for:

  • A September pre-conference gathering, which will help delegates begin to develop connections and relationships, understand each other’s work, develop a shared analysis of strengths and weakness in the Twin Cities, and discuss what barriers are preventing us from our achieving our goal for an equitable region.
  • An October pre-conference gathering, which will connect groups of people around shared interests/issues at Equity Summit, begin to develop intentional assignments and strategies as it relates to attending the summit together, and get people actively thinking about post-summit work.
  • A November gathering during the conference, where delegates can socialize and begin to discuss lessons learned and ideas generated.
  • A December post-conference gathering, where specific action strategies will be generated and paths will be identified for subgroups to implement concrete strategies.

Specific information about each convening will be emailed to delegates.

The deadline to apply for a scholarship for Equity Summit 2011 has passed. Scholarship awards will be announced the week of August 22.

If you have not registered or did not apply for a scholarship, it’s not too late to join the Twin Cities delegation. To join us, please register for the conference first. Then contact Neeraj Mehta of Nexus Community Partners at or 651-379-0508 for further information.