Elevate Your Voice in Corridors of Opportunity

In October 2010, the Twin Cities was awarded two competitive grants to support planning along the region’s growing network of transit corridors. Over the next three years, Nexus Community Partners, the Minnesota Center for Neighborhood Organizing and the Alliance for Metropolitan Stability will serve as members of the Corridors of Opportunity initiative’s Community Engagement Team (CET).

What is the Corridors of Opportunity Initiative?

Corridors of Opportunity is an initiative to promote sustainable, vibrant and healthy communities in the Twin Cities region, using the expansion of our system of transitways as a development focus. The project is funded by a $5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and $16 million in grants and loans from the Living Cities program.

Corridors of Opportunity funds projects in seven corridors within the system of existing and planned transitways in the region: Southwest LRT, Bottineau Transitway, Gateway Corridor, Cedar Avenue BRT, Central Corridor, Hiawatha LRT and Northstar Commuter Rail.

What is the role of the Community Engagement Team?

Our team will elevate existing community assets along transitway corridors, while supporting innovation and tailored community engagement strategies that secure the inclusion of low-income people, people of color, people with disabilities and new immigrants.

Together we will develop and support targeted strategies that engage these communities in planning, decision-making and implementation processes on and around transit corridors. The CET team will also be responsible for recommending $750,000 in grants to community groups to do grassroots organizing along transitways. Ultimate granting decisions will be made by the initiative’s Policy Board.